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The xPL Project has been running since 2003, developing ‘glue’ to tie together home automation technologies.

We have developed a broad range of software and solutions across all of the common operating systems – we have Java and Perl based tools which run on Linux, Windows, MacOS, as well as native applications for Linux and Windows… all sending and receiving a common language of simple XML like text messages.

This latest update to our website comes alongside a series of new developments – we have implemented a public bugtracker, based on the flyspray solution (an open source project like us), and completed the first phase of a project to rewrite many of our older applications from Visual Basic 6 to .Net technologies.

If you are interested in home brew home automation technologies, dive in – our discussion forum is friendly!

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  1. clinique said,

    Wrote on August 14, 2009 @ 5:05 am

    Just WOW this new website !

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