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Welcome to the xPL Project Wiki

This is the xPL Project Wiki, which is the main repository for documentation about the project. xPL is an open protocol intended to permit the control and monitoring of home automation devices.

Are you New to xPL?

Do you Want to Build Stuff that uses xPL?

This wiki is a community project and all xPL users are invited to learn from it and to update it as they see fit. With your help, this will become an excellent resource.

If you want to practice playing with this wiki, then please do so using the Wiki Sandbox.

xPL Project Wiki Rules

Every community has its own rules. Ours are as follows:

  1. Search the wiki first and read the FAQ before asking questions.
  2. Those who ask the questions, update the wiki when they get the answers.
  3. Those who complain about the documentation, update the wiki to make it better.
  4. The right place to ask questions about xPL is in the xPL Forums
  5. Have fun!
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