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TiVo Personal Video Recorders are an excellent addition to any home automation system, allowing time shifting of TV programs, and intelligent viewing. When an Ethernet interface is added to the TiVo, it becomes significantly more useful, with the ability to schedule recordings over the Internet, and so on.

As the TiVo has powerful video overlay facilities, it is also possible to use a networked TiVo as an on screen display device, which can provide an additional display within the xPL environment.

This HowTo describes how to setup the key xPL components required, in order to display useful information from the xPL environment on the Tivo Screen.

What You Need

  • A TiVo with a network card (Turbonet, Cachecard etc) installed and configured. You will need Telnet and FTP Access to your TiVo.
  • A Windows PC running xPLHal, xPLHal manager and an xPL Hub as described in the HowTo guide Get Started on Windows.

Downloading the Software

Installing the Software

This guide assumes that you are using the "Safe" hacking method on your TiVo, and editing only the /var/hack/rc.sysinit.hack file. If you are editing the main /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit file, you should exercise caution. In particular, ensure that the file is chmoded to 755 and the file system is re-mounted as read-only before rebooting you TiVo.

  • Open a Telnet Session to your TiVo.
  • At the bash prompt, change directory to /var/hack
  • create a new directory: mkdir xpl
  • Unzip the file tivohub.zip and tivoosd.zip files that you previously downloaded.
  • Using your FTP client of choice, transfer xplhub and tivoosd to /var/hack/xpl. Be sure to use binary mode for the transfer!
  • Back at the TiVo's bash prompt make the files executable with chmod 755 xplhub tivoosd
  • type: echo "ifconfig lo up" >> rc.sysinit.hack (enter)
  • type: echo "/var/hack/xpl/xplhub &" >> rc.sysinit.hack (enter)
  • type: echo "/var/hack/xpl/tivoosd node0 &" >> rc.sysinit.hack (enter), where "node0" is the name you wish to give your TiVo on the xPL network
  • reboot your TiVo

TiVo may take a few seconds longer to pass the "Any Second Now" message Screen.

Congratulations! You should now have a working xPL On Screen Display environment on your TiVo.

What Next?

If you own a Meteor, you can send Caller ID information to your TiVo screen as described in the HowTo guide Distribute Caller ID from a Meteor to other xPL Devices.

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