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Miscellaneous xPL Applications

  • xPL DawnDusk The XPL DawnDusk service sends XPL messages at dawn and dusk, and can be queried for it's current state by other applications. Dawn and dusk are determined by calculating your local sunrise and sunset times, based on your latitude/longitude. A Perl version of this service is found in the xPL Perl API.
  • xPLExec runs executable files on Windows in response to xPL messages. xpl-action does the same based on Perl, thus on other platforms too.
  • xPL_News retrieves RSS feeds and sends the headlines in osd.basic messages. Also features a standalone (non-xPL) mode.
  • xPL_Display is a simple flash up form that responds to osd.basic commands.
  • xPLvol32 This replacement for the windows mixer has been tested in Win2K and Windows XP. Tester feedback on other Windows platforms is welcome. This application works best when the original Windows Mixer is hidden from the system tray. The original Mixer remains accessible through the xPL application.
  • Mute Tool is a handy little companion tool to xplvol32. This app is assigned two buttons, corresponding to the address of a PC Mixer, and can mute or unmute the speakers at the click of a button

Monitoring and Logging

  • Medusa.xPLLogger logs xPL messages. It writes xPL messages to an XML file. It comes with 3 XSL transformation files that will take the XML as input and generate html output which can be viewed in any browser. There is also an XSL included that generates Excel output.
  • xPL Raw Monitor 3 is an xPL Network Monitor that has a multiple message buffer, allowing entire conversations to be captured. Useful for troubleshooting that your new application is responding correctly to configuration requests, for instance.
  • xpl-logger is part of the xPL Perl API. It runs (at least) on Linux and Mac platforms.
  • xPL protocol dissector for Wireshark An addon for Wireshark that shows and verifies xPL messages (indicates faulty messages) on the network. It's a Lua based script so it should work on all Wireshark platforms (windows, linux, etc.) as long as the Wireshark implementation supports Lua.

xPL Message Senders

  • Sender is a Windows GUI based xPL Sender, useful for diagnostics and as a development tool. Note: this tool is capable of sending xpl config messages, however, a device that is configured in this way will not be visible to xPLHal correctly. Care should be taken on a live network.
  • xPL_GUISender provides a Windows GUI for entering xPL message information that can then be sent on to the xPL network.
  • X10 Send - A dedicated Windows X10 command-line Sender which launches, sends a single X10.Basic Message (based on command line parameters) then exits.
  • xPL Send - A handy Windows command-line tool that is able to send any type of xPL message.
  • xPLSend - a Linux command line tool to send xPL messages. It is part of the examples in the xPLLib package (download, make, then cd examples and make - voila!). Has lots of defaults (overridable) to make command lines as short as possible.
  • xpl-sender is part of the xPL Perl API. It runs (at least) on Linux and Mac platforms.
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