ActiveX Control - XPLProject

This OCX encapsulates the entire xPL system. It can be used (royalty free) in any application to provide full xPL support. All of the VB6 applications available from this site require the OCX .


If you prefer the manual approach, Download v1.5.016 of the xPL ActiveX Control for manual install/registration. To install the OCX manually, use the following steps:

1 If an earlier ocx version is installed on your system, exit any xPL app and deregister the ocx:
2 regsvr32 /u %systemroot%\system32\xpl.ocx  
3 rename the existing xPL.ocx  to xpl.old (or delete it)
4 copy the new xPL.ocx into the windows system32 folder and re-register the xPL.ocx manually, thus:
5 regsvr32 xpl.ocx

Using in Your Projects


The Full Source Code is available for the Control - it's written in Visual Basic 6, and is fairly well commented. This code is released under the GPL, however, we would ask that any compiled version which is made available to the public maintains binary compatibility with the official version.

Any questions about using this OCX in your own project should either be posted in the xPL Forums or directed to Ian Lowe

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